Introducing the future of healthcare.

Vitalis is developing a smart health monitor that will enable doctors to remotely track a patient’s vital using clinical-grade sensors.

We are a medical solutions startup

Vitalis aims to strengthen the relationship between clinical doctors and patients. Vitalis aims to reduce frequent and inconvenient check-ups and help patients learn more about their own health. Vitalis solutions benefit doctors by providing them with accurate and reliable data when the patients are away from the clinic.

Our solution is focused around providing patients and doctors with reliable and simple vital monitors paired with intuitive and powerful software tools.

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We recognize that each patient is different. By providing a diverse mix of products and services, we aim to help every patient and doctor.

Full Suite

The Vitalis Core

A portable health monitor that uses clinical-grade sensors to track vitals.

Core Add-Ons

A range of magnetic add-ons for the Vitalis Core that tracks other medical signs.

Vital Connect

A desktop application designed for doctors to remotely monitor patients.


A mobile app that allows users to see vital signs and learn more about their health.

$25 M

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Vitalis relies on clinical-grade sensors to track and monitor all medical data that are trusted by family doctors. Our third-party integrations are approved by clinicians.
Quantitative Data
Quantitative medical data is a huge win as it allows doctors to analyse symptoms much more effectively and practice preventive measures.
Affordable Pricing
We believe that the future should financially accessible by many and thus provides reasonable priced products and services.
Easy To Use
Taking control of your health shouldn't be a pain. So, all our services are intuitive and keep the focus on your health.
Free Support
Sometimes things break down. Thats on us. We provide free support of all hardware devices under warranty and lifetime software support.
Increased Communication
Making medical data accessible and interpretable by both doctors and patients establishes effective communication between the two.